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The book I'm reading is Soccer HalfBack it's about a soccer team, The Nuggets. It starts of by them playing against the Razorbacks and they're tied up 0 to 0.  Jabber the Nuggets forward had the ball but he had some trouble trying to score. He kept getting the ball but the Razorbacks defense kept taking it away. Once the defense got the ball Jabber got hit really hard with the hall on his knees, he stumbled but recorded quickly. As he went back he heard his coach screaming saying he wants him to try harder and to be on his toes.he gets the ball and they try stopping him but he scores. Second quarter comes and it starts off like the first but then the Nuggets start laying better. Razorbacks tried scoring but they stopped and as soon as they pass the ball to another forward, Rusty Hammond  and back to Jabber and they were close to making a goal but then they attack Jabber from behind and he falls. The ref blows his whistle calling for a penalty kick. Jabber gets up and ready as soon as he knew where he was going to put the ball he shoots it and scores.

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