Thursday, February 23, 2017

Blog 4

"So what? Just because they played football does Jabber have to follow their footsteps? Horseradish! He's got a mind of his own. He could do what he wants."

I choose this quote because Jabber has a chance to be big in football because lot of people in his family play foot ball. His dad had a career in football so Jabber could have too but he's sticking to what he likes the most which is soccer. Even though everybody in his family tells him to play football he doesn't because he feels like soccer is right for him.  No one ever stood up for him until his sister said that. Since Jabber dad is dead they don't really have enough money for college for the kids so their uncle offered to play only if they play football but Jabber doesn't want too. He doesn't let no one bring him down even if they tell him stuff he sticks to what he likes the most.

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