Sunday, April 24, 2016

42 Reflection

I think Discrimination is people being racist. Mean, I seen people being mean to someone. People thinking it's funny insulting other people. When people don't want colored people and whites together, I don't really see that but I think that falls in with discrimination.

When I was little we use too have these neighbors that would never stop doing stuff in our neighborhood. We kept telling them if they can please but they would just laugh. Almost one time every two months people would call the cops on them. The cops took one of them to jail because he already had a bad record. Couple years later pass by and the Owner of the house got in an argument because they wouldn't pay her(the bill).  So the old Lady went inside and she started putting make-up and making it like she got hit by her, she can call the cops and when they came the owner wasn't scared because she knew she didn't touch her. The cops took the Old Lady by the car and they grabbed a water bottle and the cop puts some in her cheek and the make-up came off. After that I forgot because it was late and I was falling asleep. Another couple years pass, Our neighbors started to calm down until it was 4th of July they went crazy. My dad let them celebrate when it got too far. My dad saw them just blowing fireworks outside their house, he didn't do nothing because its their house but then they kept trowing fireworks at us then he got mad. One of their friend threw a firework at my dads truck he got mad and they ran away. My dad didn't do anything. Weeks pass, Our neighbors had a little group of kids and adults they started smoking and drinking. They were crazy and had a rock fight when one of them breaks my mom's window from
her car. My mom didn't know but my sister did and she told my dad. My dad called the police and the police were scared to go to their house so he just went upstairs and knocked on the door. 5 minutes pass, he comes back and says no ones their when my sister saw them go inside. They talk to us and then leave like nothing happened. When they Finally moved everybody started cheering but I didn't because I thought that was just laughing at them.

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