Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog 11: Thinking...

1. What I found more interesting is when the Gamemakers did something to the dead tributes and made them into mutts. When Katniss and Peeta where going to die at the same time but they didn't.

2. Maniac Magee is lonely but somehow finds a way to stay on someones house or somewhere. He has no one because he ran away. People try to help him but something happens to them. He's always running.

3. What bothers me is how do the Gamemakers do that to the dead tributes. When they lie about having two victors but then changing it to one. The armor actually helping Cato stay alive form being attacked by the mutt's.

4. Magee is nice to everyone and he's been living with African Americans for a little bit but the other side if the block don't like him because he's white and they're not. They had a contest on who ever unties the biggest knot gets free pizza for life and he did it.

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