Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog 5: Dear President Snow

Dear President Snow, 

You should stop the Hunger Games because people kill others to win. It's wrong to make this a game and I don't know why you guys do this but it's not fair for their families and friends. I don't know how you find this fun to watch. The game I think should stop because think of your family going to the game and being forced to kill to survive. It wouldn't be fun to watch know, would it.

 Why won't you stop the games if you know people are dying? Aren't you afraid that people would rebel to you? I wouldn't like being a tribute and kill people to survive, would you? When the tributes leave do you feel any pain because your the one controlling this and making it keep going. I would stop if I was you.

Sincerely, Emanuel Hernandez

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