Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thoughts on animal testing

No because they need different stuff to survive and they do diefferent stuff.
No because they could become endangered if you keep doing it and you might just be harming them.
No because your just harming them.
No because we have different bodies so they might not work on them.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Mutation blog

I've learned a lot. How they are made, and some kinds of mutations. The two headed animals because I wonder which one takes over the body.i don't know what mutation I want to learn about.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I'm a student currently in 8th grade. I like to hangout with friends and play soccer. What I like about 8th grade so far is that we aren't getting a lot of homework. I think I'm alright on biology because I try to focus on what we're doing in class and I am.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

42 Reflection

I think Discrimination is people being racist. Mean, I seen people being mean to someone. People thinking it's funny insulting other people. When people don't want colored people and whites together, I don't really see that but I think that falls in with discrimination.

When I was little we use too have these neighbors that would never stop doing stuff in our neighborhood. We kept telling them if they can please but they would just laugh. Almost one time every two months people would call the cops on them. The cops took one of them to jail because he already had a bad record. Couple years later pass by and the Owner of the house got in an argument because they wouldn't pay her(the bill).  So the old Lady went inside and she started putting make-up and making it like she got hit by her, she can call the cops and when they came the owner wasn't scared because she knew she didn't touch her. The cops took the Old Lady by the car and they grabbed a water bottle and the cop puts some in her cheek and the make-up came off. After that I forgot because it was late and I was falling asleep. Another couple years pass, Our neighbors started to calm down until it was 4th of July they went crazy. My dad let them celebrate when it got too far. My dad saw them just blowing fireworks outside their house, he didn't do nothing because its their house but then they kept trowing fireworks at us then he got mad. One of their friend threw a firework at my dads truck he got mad and they ran away. My dad didn't do anything. Weeks pass, Our neighbors had a little group of kids and adults they started smoking and drinking. They were crazy and had a rock fight when one of them breaks my mom's window from
her car. My mom didn't know but my sister did and she told my dad. My dad called the police and the police were scared to go to their house so he just went upstairs and knocked on the door. 5 minutes pass, he comes back and says no ones their when my sister saw them go inside. They talk to us and then leave like nothing happened. When they Finally moved everybody started cheering but I didn't because I thought that was just laughing at them.

Monday, April 18, 2016

When is there dignity in silence?

When someone accuses you of something you didn't do do. You should stay silent because if you say something they going to think your trying to get away with it even if you didn't do anything. If you stay silent they would get tired of just accusing you and someone might confess that they did it and not you.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Blog 13: Game Survial

1. I think because it depends on what it is, what it does, and how does it help you.

2. I changed it because know I know  what it can cause and how it would help.

3. We almost survived but died at the end because our rating were high.

4. We let a person talk and the other hear his/her opinion and then if it made sense then we agreed with it. If someone had a better explanation we disagreed to the person that told us and agreed to the one that had a better explanation.

5. I would think about what would actually help survive longer, and rethinking if it will help me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Blog 12: Repetition


2. Hunting remind of killing, surviving, traps, animals, weapons, woods... 

3. Hunting maybe be a good skill to have because when your in a situation where you don't have food and your in the woods knowing how to hunt keep you from going hungry. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Blog 11: Thinking...

1. What I found more interesting is when the Gamemakers did something to the dead tributes and made them into mutts. When Katniss and Peeta where going to die at the same time but they didn't.

2. Maniac Magee is lonely but somehow finds a way to stay on someones house or somewhere. He has no one because he ran away. People try to help him but something happens to them. He's always running.

3. What bothers me is how do the Gamemakers do that to the dead tributes. When they lie about having two victors but then changing it to one. The armor actually helping Cato stay alive form being attacked by the mutt's.

4. Magee is nice to everyone and he's been living with African Americans for a little bit but the other side if the block don't like him because he's white and they're not. They had a contest on who ever unties the biggest knot gets free pizza for life and he did it.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Blog 10: What is Love

I say that the love between Katniss and Peeta is real. He talks about the story of how he first fell in liked her. The story was real because he says things that Katniss said in the beginning of the book. Then instead of Peeta making the first move she did. She was willing to risk her life so whatever is in the bag might help Peeta.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Blog 9: Survival

I think survival is to survive not to kill unless you are hunting. To survive you need to know what your doing. Know what to eat and what not to eat.

Survival in the Hunger Games it to be wise, kill people, be smart, hide... You can have an alliance. Your going to need your sponsors to help you in bad situations.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blog 8: "Lying"

I don't think lying is always wrong.

I don't think it's ok to lie to someone if it was important.

When Peeta said he liked Katniss. The Careers lying to Peeta to make him think that he's with them but they are just using him to find Katniss. When Effie tells them to have a different personality just for that time. When Katniss lies that she doesn't know the Avox Girl.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Blog 7: HG Chapters 15-16 Reflection

These 2 paragraphs made me feel amazed, and suspicious. I was amazed because Rue knows lot's of stuff Katniss didn't, She knows how to heal burns... When Rue actually believed Katniss even though she wasn't lying got me thinking, what if some one else says the same thing and she believes them but Rue doesn't know. I was also shocked that Peeta survived the knife attack and escaped from the careers. I was shocked of what happened because I wasn't expecting all of that and how it happened. I thought that Katniss would fail on trying to make the mines explode but she did it. Also how Rue got the careers to come to the fire.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Blog 6: Setting

It's important to the plot because a lot of items in the arena can kill people. The setting can help people or it can kill people. They have lots of traps. The game makers can control the Hunger Games. IF the games was made underwater or in the desert the plot would be different, maybe the people that died would not die in this place. Some of the things that Katniss needed like the pond, mud, and trees wouldn't be there. They could've had different things to kill people, and different animals.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Blog 5: Dear President Snow

Dear President Snow, 

You should stop the Hunger Games because people kill others to win. It's wrong to make this a game and I don't know why you guys do this but it's not fair for their families and friends. I don't know how you find this fun to watch. The game I think should stop because think of your family going to the game and being forced to kill to survive. It wouldn't be fun to watch know, would it.

 Why won't you stop the games if you know people are dying? Aren't you afraid that people would rebel to you? I wouldn't like being a tribute and kill people to survive, would you? When the tributes leave do you feel any pain because your the one controlling this and making it keep going. I would stop if I was you.

Sincerely, Emanuel Hernandez

Monday, February 22, 2016

Blog 4: Katniss and Me

I think Katniss is doing good and kind of bad at the same time right now. She is showing that she is brave so people are going to get mad and try to kill her.

I think she is brave for shooting the gamemakers pig. That she also is confident.

I think she is good on lots of her skills. I think she possesses archery, what plans to eat, and where to shoot the animals.

I wouldn’t shoot the pig because I would be scared and I would know what would happen if I get a high score. People are going to try and kill me. Everything else I would’ve done.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Blog 3: Fashion

The clothes we wear says what we like (Style.) I think what we can also afford. If someone has clothes that they don’t like they should probably not say nothing. Our clothes tell people a lot like our personality, religion, and culture. Our clothes tell people idea to people about our style.  Each person has their own mind so they think different then you about your clothes. Clothes tell a lot about you so people would be wondering why you like that.  Some people might be inspired by it. Or people like it for fashion. We tell our selves what clothes mean. Our mind tells us.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Blog 2: Perspective

Gales Perspective

Today was the reaping I woke up early to meet Catnip. I saw Catnip and started walking to her. When I was there with her I asked her to guess what I have shoot. I show her and she starts laughing. It was a piece of bread with an arrow in it. She took a bite of it and said, “Mm, still warm.” She asks me how much did it cost. I tell her “Just a squirrel. Think the old man was feeling sentimental this morning.” I say, “Even wished me luck.” “Well everybody seems a little bit closer today, don’t we?” Says Catnip. Catnip pulls up a cheese and says Prim left it for them. I say “Thank you, Prim. We’ll all have a real feast,” then I mimic Effie trinket and say “I almost forgot, Happy Hunger Games!” I pluck a few black berries. “And may the ods-,” I throw one of the blackberries to Catnip and she catches it and I started again, “-ever be in your favor.” She laughs and then I pull out a knife to cut the bread. I place goat cheese, a basil leaf, and berries on each piece of bread.

I tell her we can leave the district but she had a point why not to because if we leave who would take care of both of our family. We were the ones the hunted for them. Catnip says, “I never want to have kids,” I say “I might. If we didn’t live here,” She said irritated, “But you do.” “Forget about it,” I snap back. I just think how does talking about leaving turn into a conversation of having kids. Later she asks me what should we do now, I said, ”Let’s go fish at the lake.” We have a fair amount of fish. On our way home we stop at the hob, a black market. We trade the fish for good bread and salt. We see Madge and I tell her that she has a pretty dress. She looked at me not saying anything then she says. Well, if I end up going to the Capitol, I want to look nice, don’t I?”I got confused and I say, “You wont be going to the Capitol” I just think of how many entries she has. Later she tells Catnip “Good Luck.”

I go to the reaping. I’m hoping they don’t call someone I know. I’m looking at Effie trinket and Haymitch because he’s drunk and she thinks the Hunger games is some kind of funny battle. She laughs because she can’t play the games. I’m here bored when she’s trying to make jokes. She finally gets to choose a slip. When she says the name I looked at Prim and Catnip. “Why? I kept thinking in my head.” When Prim starts walking all I hear is “I volunteer,” “I volunteer as tribute.” It was Catnip. She grabs prim and pulls her out and I grab her so she won’t go to her. Then Catnip goes up the stage and Effie tells us to clap but we don’t. I Just see Catnip up there hooping she will win. I’m going to help her family while she’s not here.